Flowers and Their Meanings

Following is a list of appropriate flowers for wedding bouquets around the theme of love. It is important to note that flowers may have different meanings in different source books. Some flowers have also changed their meanings over the years. Of course, a flower might have a meaning that is special to you – perhaps it was the favorite flower of your late grandmother, for instance – and its traditional meaning may not matter to you. In this case, go with your personal interpretation of the flower. It is as important that you carry things you love as that you carry things that have traditional meaning.

Flowers That Symbolize Marriage Itself

American Linden: Matrimony
Ivy Geranium: Favored by the bride
Orange Flowers: Bridal festivities
Pea: Happy marriage
Peony: Happy marriage and virility (in Japan)
Safflower: Marriage, welcome
Stephanotis: Weddings

Flowers That Symbolize Love

Ambrosia: Love returned
Anthurium (Flamingo Flower): The heart
Azalea: Love, romance
Bugle/Ajuga: Most lovable
Cabbage Rose: Ambassador of love
Coreopsis: Love at first sight
Forget-Me-Not: True love
Myrtle: Love
Philodendron: Loving tree
Pink Carnation: Woman’s love
Purple Lilac: First love
Red Catchfly: Youthful love
Red Chrysanthemum: “I love”
Red Tulip: Declaration of love
Rose: Love in all its forms. Sacred to all the love goddesses. Red, deep pink and yellow roses are for passion, and are sacred to Aphrodite, Venus and Oshun respectively. White or blue-lavender roses are to honor elders and are traditionally given to grandmothers. Light pink or (especially) peach-colored roses are used to honor mothers.

Flowers That Symbolize Burning Passion

Columbine, red: Anxious and trembling
Chorchorus: Impatient of absence
Elder: Zealousness
Fleur de Lis: A flame, “I burn”
Iris, red: A flame, “I burn”
Iris, yellow: Flame of love
Jonquil: Desire
Larkspur: Ardent attachment
Peach Blossom: “I am your captive”
Statice: Dauntless
Syrian Mallow: Consumed by love

Flowers That Symbolize Fidelity

Arbor Vitae: Unchanging friendship, “Live for me”
Azalea: “I will always be true”
Baby’s Breath: Everlasting love
Bamboo: Loyalty, steadfastness
Bay Leaf: “I change but in death”
Bleeding Heart: Fidelity
Bluebell: Constancy
Camellia: Steadfast love, “My destiny is in your hands”
Canterbury Bells: Constancy
Caraway: Infidelity prevented
Cedar: Incorruptible
Clematis: Unchanged for eternity
Convolvulus: Bonds
Dahlia: Forever thine
Four-Leafed Clover: “Be mine”
Germander: Faithfulness
Globe Amaranth: Immortality, unfading love
Green Locust Tree: Affection beyond the grave
Heliotrope: Devotion, faithfulness
Honeysuckle (Wild Woodbine): Generous and devoted affection
Hosta: Devotion
Hyacinth, blue: Constancy
Hydrangea: Devotion
Indian Jasmine: Attachment
Ivy: Fidelity in marriage
Lavender: Loyalty
Lemon Blossom: Fidelity in love
Plum Blossom: Keep your promise
Salvia, red: Forever yours
Shepherd’s Purse: “I offer you my all”
Strawberry: Future promise
Violet, blue: Loyalty, faithfulness, sweetness
Water Lily: Purity of heart
Wisteria: “I cling to you”

Flowers For Happiness

Buds: Promise of good things to come
Burnet: Joy
Buttercup: Childishness, cheerfulness
Caladium: Great joy and delight
Calendula: Joy
Everlasting Pea: Lasting pleasure
Gardenia: Transport of joy, ecstasy
Hops: Mirth
Lesser Celandine: Joys to come
Mugwort: Happiness
Oregano: Joy and happiness
Parsley: Festivity
Saffron Crocus: Mirth
Sweet Cicely: Gladness
Sweet Pea: Lasting pleasure

Flowers That Symbolize Enchantment by the Beloved

Almond: Lover’s charm
Apple: Temptation
Bergamot: “Your wiles are irresistible”
Catnip: Intoxication with love
Dill: Irresistible
Fern: Fascination
Lemon Verbena: Enchantment
Pink: Fascination
Vine: Intoxication

Flowers For Affection

Gilly Flower: Bonds of affection
Gorse: Enduring affection
Milkvetch: “You comfort me”
Pear: Affection
Pear Tree: Comfort
Viburnum: Token of affection

Flowers For Hope, Peace, Unity, and Faith

Angelica: “Your love is my guiding star”
Bind Weed: “Let us unite”
Canna (Flowering Reed): Confidence in the heavens
Cherry Blossoms: Spiritual beauty
Flowering Almond: Hope
Garden Anemone: Faith, belief
Hawthorn: Hope
Olive: Peace
Passion Flower: Faith
Phlox: Unanimity
Queen Anne’s Lace: Haven

Flowers That Symbolize Beauty

Amaryllis: Splendid beauty
Calla: Magnificent beauty
Cowslip: Winning grace
Daylily: Beauty
Magnolia: Magnificence
Orchid: Beauty
Poppy, scarlet: Fantastic extravagance
Sweet Alyssum: Worth beyond beauty

Flowers That Symbolize Remembrance Of Those Absent

Artemisia, Silver King: Sentimental recollections
Blue Salvia: “I think of you”
Fuschia: Confiding love, “Your charms are engraved on my heart”
Heartsease, yellow and purple (Johnny Jump Up): Happy thoughts (known as the Valentine herb)
Heartsease, purple: “You occupy my thoughts”
Lemon Balm (Melissa): Memories, pleasant company of friends
Pansy: Remembrance, thoughts
Pussy Toes: Never-ceasing remembrance
Rosemary: Remembrance
Zinnia: Thoughts of you

Flowers That Symbolize Adoration and Admiration

Fennel: Worthy of all praise
Heather: Admiration
Iris: Compliments
Pineapple: “You are perfect”
Sea Holly: Attraction
Sunflower: Adoration
Sunflower, Dwarf: Adoration

Flowers That Symbolize Innocence and Old-Fashioned Virtues

Camellia: Innocence
Cherry: Sweetness of character derived from good works
Comfrey: Home sweet home
Freesia: Innocence
Grapes: Prosperity and plenty, domestic happiness
Lilac, white: Youthful innocence
Marjoram: Blushes
Sage: Domestic virtue
Violet, white: Innocence, modesty, candor

Flowers That Symbolize Other Virtues

Anemone: Truth, sincerity
Angelica: Inspiration
Basil: Best wishes
Bayberry: Good luck
Borage: Courage, directness, “Speak your mind”
Broom: Humility
Chamomile: Energy in adversity
Coneflower: Life, conviviality
Dog Rose: Pleasure and pain
Elderflower: Compassion
Evergreen Thorn: Solace in adversity
Flowering Cherry: Nobility, chivalry
Forsythia: Good nature
Garden Chervil: Sincerity
Gladiolas: Strengthening of character
Gloxinia: A proud spirit
Hazel: Inspiration
Hollyhock: Fruitfulness and fecundity
Honesty: Sincerity, honesty
Iris, blue: Messenger
Lamb’s Ears: Gentleness, support
Loosestrife: Wishes granted
Lupine: Imagination
Maple: Native American symbol of success in abundance
Pine Cone: Fertility, life
Pomegranate: Fertility
Sedum: Tranquility
Spanish Jasmine: Sensuality
Stonecrop: Tranquility
Tarragon: Unselfishness
Wisteria: Mutual trust
Zephyr Flower: Expectation

Flowers That Symbolize Useful Phrases

Aster, double: “I share your sentiments”
Chestnut Tree: “Do me justice”
Euonymous/Spindle Tree: “Your image is engraved on my heart”
Feverfew: “I reciprocate your affection” and “You light up my life”
Mistletoe: “I surmount difficulties”
Mountain Ash: “With me you are safe”
Thyme, Lemon: “My time with you is a pleasure”
Vernal Grass: “We may be poor, but we will always be happy”

Planetary Herbs (Flower Arrangements For The Astrological Wedding)

Sun: Heliotrope
Moon: Iris
Mercury: Fir
Venus: Aster
Mars: Wormwood
Jupiter: Fig
Saturn: Monkshood (which is poisonous; don’t handle with bare hands, and if it is to be carried by bridesmaids, place it in the center of a bouquet where they don’t have to handle it)